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Minutes PhD Board Meeting 2010.01.18




  • Visit from Åsa Larsson, PhD ombudsman/representative at Stockholm University.
  • Elections for the PhD Board 2010

Previous action list

  • prepare PhD student’s feedback for the Scientific Writing course for Love; DSV PhD Board- pending
    • collect feedback from students before the workshop
    • discuss feedback n due time to provide suggestions during the workshop and have them approved by students
    • send email recommendation to Love during the first week of December
  • Plan for a meeting with Anne regarding course on writing papers and choosing conferences (referencing, etc.) for mid November (Constantinos) – pending
  • Contact Ulf to discuss how could DSV and all units come closer to industry based on contacts (Constantinos & Natalja) – Constantinos has initiated contact with Growth for organizing a “speed-dating”-session, probably during the spring 2010.
    • guest lectures,
    • collaborative research work, etc.

Current issues

  • The Board for 2010 was elected:
  • President: Constantinos Giannoulis
  • Vice President: Sumithra Velupillai
  • Secretary: Esmiralda Mouradian
  • Treasurer: Magnus Johansson
  • Representative at the DSV Department Board: Constantinos Giannoulis, Magnus Johansson (substitute)
  • Representative at the Stockholm University Social Sciences Faculty Student Council and Board: Sumithra Velupillai
  • DSV PhD Board Constitution should be written (Sumithra and Constantinos)
  • Introduction day for new PhD students:
    • An introduction day for new PhD students at the Social Sciences Faculty at Stockholm University is organized, Felicia Markus ( should be contacted so that we can coordinate with the introduction day at DSV.
  • The central Stockholm University Student Union is updating their webpage ( with links to local PhD boards, the DSV PhD Board will be added (Sumithra & Constantinos)
  • Activities for 2010:
    • Common reading courses: how to organize?
    • Introduction day for new PhD students
    • DSV PhD workshop

Ph.D. Orientation day – October 23, 2009

For all KTH PhD students at DSV.

Dear fellow ICT Ph.D. student!
The time for the Ph.D. Orientation Day has arrived!

When: Friday, October 23, 2009.
Where: Sal B, Forum
Hosted by the ICT Ph.D. Student Council

10:00–10:30 Welcome message by the Dean of graduate studies, and
vice-Dean of the ICT school, Calle Jansson. (Sal B)
10:30–12:00 Welcome by the ICT Ph.D. Student Council. (Sal B)
12:00–13:00 Lunch (Forum or Electrum restaurant, to be announced)
13:00–14:30 Campus tour
14:30–15:30 Fika (Forum or Electrum, to be announced)
Later in the evening: mingle downtown

Why should you attend the Ph.D Orientation Day:
  • We will discuss your rights and duties as a Ph.D. student.
  • We will describe the school organization and structure together with the Dean of graduate studies.
  • We will introduce the ICT Ph.D. Student Council
  • We will answer your questions regarding all aspects of Ph.D. Student life and work at ICT.
All the above can be extremely useful to you during your Ph.D. studies, as it was for us. So, join the meeting, and bring your colleagues with you!

See you then!

The ICT Ph.D. Student Council

PhDs council meeting minutes

Present: Khurram, Sumithra, Constantinos, Natalja


  • PhD Student Council meetings; meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month, therefore, for the remaining of this year, the planned meetings will be on May 6th, September 2nd, October 7th, November 4th & December 2nd.
  • Elections for new position appointments will be held during the December meetings, along with initial planning of the coming year (regarding events, funding, etc.).
  • A set of formal rules and procedures should be put in place covering the operations of the PhD Student Council. A first draft will be based on the regulations adopted by DISK, translated into English (Constantinos will prepare the initial draft and share it for comments and corrections).
  • The DSV PhDs blog will be enriched with an additional page constituting a directory of members and their research interests. Furthmore, all DSV labs will be invited to provide their feeds (if any) to be embedded in the blog.
  • Three events will be organized
    • one pre summer (e.g. bbq)
    • one early fall (orientation day*)
    • Christmas (maybe along with the elections)
  • weekly fikas (Mondays at 15:00 on the 6th floor)
  • Budget to be requested for the events:
    • around 1500sek for each of the 3 events
    • 500sek for weekly meetups
  • Updates from DISK, KTH, SU
    • DISK:Natalja will probably attend their upcoming meeting and establish cooperation with them
    • Provide them with a year plan (see above regarding events and budget)
  • Plan a meeting with Love: Khurram will contact him and suggest a get-to-know-each-other meeting, possibly before the summer.

*orientation day:

  • set a date (roughly) and prepare a small booklet with info and practical tips
  • accommodation issues (study certificates from SSSB, etc.)
  • campus tour
  • where and how to register for courses and which ones are compulsory

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