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DSV PhD Board Newsletter #1 – September 2011

Dear fellow PhDs,

We would like to welcome our new members of the PhD Board:

Nam Aghee and Meshari Alwazae

They have already started their excellent work by organizing the Orientation Day for our new PhD students – which leads us to our second welcome:

Welcome new PhDs!

  • Sameer Ba-Thallat
  • Samuel Bohman
  • Spyridon Dosis
  • Mohamed El-Mekawy
  • Hans Jander
  • Jens Ohlsson
  • Ermis-loannis Pappas
  • Björn Strååt
  • Yanqing Zhang
  • Elin Önneval

We hope you will enjoy your time here at DSV!

The Orientation Day was held on September 14, 2011 at DSV, with theattendance of 15 people. It started with an introduction session andshowing the important things around DSV to the new PhD students. The event ended with a great and friendly chat after the nice lunch in theDSV’s VIP room.

We have some activities planned for the autumn:

  • Workshop seminar in writing (Guidelines and recommendations) Preliminary time: either week 42 or 43
  • The annual DSV PhD Forum/Workshop with selected research publications from DSV’s PhD students, presentations from the Research Methodology course and open discussions with newly enrolled PhD students. Preliminary time: either week 47 or 48.

If you have any ideas for further activities – please let us know!

And remember: if you have *any* questions or issues regarding your PhD studies, don’t hesitate to contact us: either by using (this address reaches only the members of the board), or by contacting any one of us directly.

Sumithra, on behalf of the DSV PhD Board:

Constantinos Giannoulis

Magnus Johansson

Nam Aghee

Meshari Alwazae


We’re in the unfortunate position to inform you that the second day of this year’s DSV PhD Forum (Friday, Dec 3rd) is canceled. Unfortunately, the industrial participation for the event was far lower than expected.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused, especially to those of you who are traveling to Stockholm.

PhD Workshop Fika

Dear all,

On March 8th (Monday, 14:30) we are planning an extended fika (with fikabröd and everything!).

We think it is time to discuss this year’s DSV PhD workshop: what should we aim at? What do you want to get out of it? What can be improved from last year? Please come and give us feedback, comments, ideas, thoughts, anything!

We have booked the seminar room 7501. ALL PhDs welcome (both KTH and SU)!

Hope to see you all there!

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