The PhD council maintains this site. Please drop a line to or in our Slack channel in order to get in touch with us!

The PhD council 2023

The current DSV PhD council for 2023 consists of:

President: Luis Quintero
Vice President: Clàudia Figueras
Information Manager: Franco Rugolon
Treasurer: Thomas Vakili

Representative of the PhD students on the institution board: Kasper Karlgren

Board members:
Daniel Chen Hsi Tsai
Zhendong Wang
Zahra Kharazian
Jöran Lindeberg

Moreover, as a member of the PhD council, we also have a position in Samhällsvetenskapliga fakultetsrådet (SFR).

The DSV PhD Council and Student Board

  • Any PhD student registered at DSV is by default a member of the DSV PhD Student Board and can attend the meetings of the board.
  • The DSV PhD Student Board appoints one representative at the Social Science Faculty Council.

For more information about the PhD Council and Student Board, please see the current constitution (pdf).