Student Accommodation

  • SSSB– You will find rooms and apartments all over Stockholm. Students who are affiliated to a student union can apply for comfortable and reasonably priced student housing in Stockholm. To at SSSB, students must fulfil the stipulated study requirements and be a member of a student union that is affiliated to the Federation of Student Unions in Stockholm (SSCO).
  • Check SU page on Housing for international students.
  • Kista Student apartment – you can apply through Stockholm bostad, previously registration was done using Kista Apartments.
  • Huge Student apartment – you can apply through Stockholm bostad, previously registration was done using Huge.
  • Stora Sköndal Kyrka Student Housing – 10 Minutes to Gullmarsplan by bus, and 10 minutes to Skarpnäk and Fasta Centrum you can find information at Stora Sköndal
  • Stockholm Bostad – after creating an account, you need to pay 220 SEK per year to stay active in the queue. It has a long waiting list; however, if you wait long enough, you can get student flats. You can find more information at Stockholm bostad
  • Second-hand housing – Studentboet.

Student Discounts for PhD students

You can join a student union to have a discount on subway tickets, DSV pub, café etc. The local student union at DSV is called DISK.  To register to SSSB (student accommodation in Stockholm), you need to be registered in a student union. However, if you only need to use the subway discount, you can apply for student union half-price membership. You can also get a lot of discounts from e.g. Mecenat or Studentkortet directly, without joining a union. You will then have to provide a document stating that you are a PhD student at Stockholm University (for example a scanned/photographed copy of your employment papers).

Swedish language classes

SU Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism offers Swedish language courses for international employees at SU. The courses give a basic understanding of Swedish language and culture to foreign employees at SU to enhance daily communication in an academic environment. You apply online, and your participation needs to be approved by your supervisor/head of department at SU. The courses don’t give any higher education credits. However, all participants receive a diploma upon completion.

Besides, Swedish for Immigrants (Svenska för invandrare or SFI) is offered for free for all newbies over 16 years old legally residing in Sweden. Read more about it in the Newbie Guide to Sweden