Being a PhD student can be confusing! Studying, conducting research, teaching – there is a lot going on, to say the least. This website aims at helping you to get an overview of how things work at DSV. If you have any questions or suggestions for content, please get in touch with the PhD council 🤗

In addition to this site, we have a Slack channel for PhD students (you need to use your DSV email address to register). Slack is where we post news and reminders during the year, as well as invitations to fika and other social stuff 🍰☕️ 🍻. There is also a mailing list for all PhD students ( for those who prefer e-mail. 

  • Doing a PhD (about e.g. individual study plans, departmental duties, and PhD courses)
  • Employment (about e.g. labour/trade unions, PhD student councils, IT services, and health)
  • Money (about e.g. doktorandpott/PhD budget, buying things you need for work, and PhD student discounts) 
  • Living in Stockholm (about e.g. housing and Swedish language classes)


Add the calendar to your DSV mail using the iCal in this link.