Communication theory and ICT is combined in a leadership training course at DSV, Stockholm University. The assignment in the course is based on the co-operation between a set of universities in USA, Europe, and Middle East. The mutual assignment is based on the use of ICT for Inter-Cultural and Inter-Faith Development

Via the use of ICT the students will train their communication skills with students from Stockholm University, Joensuu University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, MIT, The University of Tehran, The University of Jordan, and more.

The students will learn a type of leadership that is focused on a cooperative communication in intercultural environments. They will work with ICT to design the communication that is needed for reaching agreements with people that have entirely different views of the world.

(7,5 credits), Starts 25 of January, Part-time until end of April.

*Preconditions for taking the course: The student should either have a bachelor degree or else be able to prove work experience with a high degree of communication experience

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