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visit DAC

The DSV PhD Student Board and Kista Science City would like to invite PhD Students studying in Kista for a guided tour at the Digital Art Center (DAC) in Ärvinge, Kista, on Friday, November 19th, at 10:00.

All you need to do is follow the doodle link below and fill in your name, department and email:

e.g. Constantinos Giannoulis, DSV,

Where is DAC? The address is: Kronborgsgränd 13, 164 46 Kista & Google maps

See you all there!

Swedish course for SU PhD students in Kista

The Mobile Life VINNex center consists of researchers from DSV, SICS and Interactive Institute.

Many of their researchers are not Swedish spoken and The Mobile Life center will now arrange a course in the Swedish language. There is space for further 5-7 participants.

If you are a PhD student at Stockholm University and are interested to join the course, contact Nicolas Belloni for more information,

The course will start on Monday February 2 .
Venue: Mobile Life center in Electrum, Kista.

Bringing the industry to DSV

Is my research dependent on real cases for evaluation or validation? Do I need to test my models and methods, how to do it in real world?
I want to work with case studies, design science or action research, but i don’t know how to gain interest of companies in order to work closely with them..   How can i collect the data from companies to use it my research?

If questions like the ones above and other similar ones are bothering your head, then join our effort. The DSV PhD Student Board is working along with the department on establishing clear and direct communication channels with the industry, especially here in Kista. Therefore, we are currently building up our knowledge stock. The 1st DSV-PhD Workshop helped a lot to bring us together.

If you are interested in engaging the industry to your work, we want you to send us an email with your topic, area and goal of research, as well as what kind of collaboration company you are looking for.

For any questions you may have, as well as to express you interest, you can contact us at:

  • Natalja:
  • Constantinos:
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