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Introduction to DSV and Phd Studies

DATE: 22 SEPT 2014
TIME: 13.00-15.00
PLACE: DSV, ROOM M20, floor 3

Welcome to the introduction for new PhD students at DSV!

We will inform about the studies, the rules and regulations, and the routines that apply at DSV.
The PhD student council will inform about their activities.
You will have a chance to pose all the questions you might have.

We hope that you have attended the introduction arranged by the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Sirkku (director of graduate studies) and Henrik (president of the PhDstudent council)

PS Even ‘old’ PhD students are welcome in case you have missed previous introductions.

Time for the DSV PhD student board election!

Dear PhD students,

We are planning to have the next yearly election for the DSV PhD student board for 2013-2014:

When:   Monday, March 11, 14:30-15:00

Where:  Room 502, DSV

Who:    Any Ph.D. student registered at DSV has the voting right and is welcome to join at that day. The board will invite all participants to fika.

As I mentioned before, all PhD students at DSV are welcome to nominate themselves to join the DSV PhD student board. In the following link, you can find info about the roles, tasks and the current board members as well as other related information:

Please read the information and if you would like to be nominated, contact me ( or Maria ( latest by March 4. In your email, please write your full name and the position of interest, plus why you think you would be suitable for that role. Please do not hesitate or be shy to contact us, if you are interested to join. Anyone is very welcome!

Looking forward to see your interest and ambitious to make a better DSV PhD student board!


Kind regards

The DSV PhD student board

Monday Fika: Jan 14 @14:30, 6th floor’s coffee area!!

The first theme of 2013 to start a great year all together 🙂

Monday Jan 14th, same place and time as last year, 14:30, 6th floor’s coffee area!!

We will provide some updates about some future plans for the board + some nice cookies and chocolates for the meeting 🙂

See you all there!
The DSV PhD student board

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