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Media Training for PhD Students

The doctoral student councils at the Faculty of Social Sciences invites all PhD students for a media training, where they will learn more about how to reach out with their research to a wider audience and how to handle media relations. All are welcome – both newly admitted students as well as those who are about to defend their thesis.

The afternoon is designed to give insights into the importance of communication media for researchers and will be led by a media training agency media group.  It gives you knowledge of how news organizations work, how to communicate effectively, regardless of channel and how to reach out with their news. Media training strengthens your ability to communicate with the media in both with-that adversity.
During the exercise there will also be representatives from the Communications Unit and a researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences to explain how they work with media issues and what support you can get from universities elsewhere.

The Media training is free.

Monday, November 8
12:30 to 16:50
at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Nordenskiöldsalen Hall, geosciences house

RSVP please to lina.eklund@sociology.su.se by October 31

Warm welcome!

[received via email, translated via Google ]

Travel grants for graduate students

Stockholm University invites applications each year donation scholarships are open to graduate students. DSV’s students have so far not been as active searching. All supervisors and doctoral students are invited to seek donations for scholarships and conference travel and other duties related to graduate studies. Stockholm University’s major annual call for donations scholarships (from a group of foundations and funds) is 15 March 2011. See also http://www.su.se/pub/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=788

It is important that we are involved in the battle for scholarships! Besides the big announcement of the donation scholarships, there are other calls.

NOTE! Right now launches K and A Wallenberg Foundation travel grants from their commemorative donation! Closing date is 16 september, 2010. See details and application form at Stockholm University’s website: http://www.su.se/pub/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=797&a=2622

For more scholarship links: http://www.su.se/pub/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=777&a=1770
To apply for calls in SU’s database: http://www.su.se/pub/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=777&a=1769


Åsa Smedberg
Director for postgraduate studies at DSV

[received via email and translated into English]

Welcome seminar at the Faculty of Social Sciences

DSV PhDs you are more than welcome!

All English-speaking doctoral students at the Faculty of Social Sciences are welcome to a seminar, held in English, about:
  • the doctoral programs
  • rules and regulations
  • forms of financing, etc.
The seminar is particularly useful for recently admitted doctoral students, but everyone is welcome!
Date and time: June 4, 10-11.30 a m
Venue: A 508 (Frescati, Södra huset)

on May 31 at the latest

Looking forward to seeing you!
Felicia Markus
Faculty Director of Studies
The Social Sciences Faculty Office

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