KTH Innovation and the business incubator STING will arrange a course this autumn for people who have an invention or product idea that they want to develop into a business. The course is called “Startup” and consists of a series of workshops and coaching sessions that cover the necessary elements of a business plan. The course is held in Swedish so you need to understand Swedish to participate, but it’s no problem to contribute to the discussions in English.

More info about Startup can be found on this link (in Swedish)


KTH Innovation also offers individual coaching and innovation support to researchers and students at KTH. So if you have a research result or an invention that you think has commercial potential you are always welcome to contact us. We can help you with funding, patenting, market research, and many other critical issues that must be addressed when you want to commercialize your research results.

Our professional support is free of charge and confidential. Our job is to help you succeed in creating impact through innovation.

Contact us at innovation@kth.se or 790 9707

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