1. I want to travel for conference or meeting, how do I book tickets?
    Answer: If you want to travel to attend a conference or any meeting, you have to fill up a travel request form where you should mention the costs and where contribution should come from, e.g. doktorandpott, a particular project, or other sources. This form must be signed by you, your supervisor, and the head of the unit. It is important to know that you should obtain the flight ticket ONLY by the travel agency contracted by Stockholm University for this purpose. (If you travel by train it is allowed to buy train tickets directly from SJ). More information about how to book tickets
  2. How can I purchase resources for my research (e.g. books, equipment, etc)?
    Answer: You should first discuss with your supervisor what you need, and your supervisor will know if you also need a confirmation from the unit head or not.  More information on who to contact for what
  3. How can I get free software including servers, operating systems, and development tools, VMware (eText, Software, Certifications, eLearning, Branding), and other Photo and Video editing software, security and utilities, business and office?
    Answer: Microsoft provides almost all software for while VMware and others provide some of their products for free while others have discount click here,
  4. Is there any software or tool available to help me improve my language when writing articles, essays, and thesis?
    Answer: Yes! Grammarly text revision tool (you need to provide your login details if prompted for it.
  5. How can I report courses taken at bachelor’s level, master’s lever, and or in other institutes or colleges?
    Answer: Download the form by clicking here or by navigating to the link Internwebb Institutionen för data- och systemvetenskap, DSV