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An interview with Paul Johannesson

Jannecke Schulman at the ICT School of KTH in Kista has published an interview with prof. Paul Johannesson, head of SYSLAB.

Progress is being driven by teenagers!

Professor Paul Johannesson makes this comment about developments in the realm of information technology with a slight hint of irony. What he is referring to is the breakneck pace of developments in social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. This will have an impact on the development of business management systems in professional life to…


PhDs council meeting minutes

Present: Khurram, Sumithra, Constantinos


  • PhD Student Council meetings; an automatic email notification to be sent Friday’s before each meeting, to the interested ones.
  • A set of formal rules and procedures should be put in place covering the operations of the PhD Student Council. A first draft will be based on the regulations adopted by DISK, translated into English. Translation in progress: Start with KTH PhD regulations, possibly before summer (Constantinos will draft, Sumithra will finalize)
  • The DSV PhDs blog will be enriched with an additional page constituting a directory of members and their research interests. Furthmore, all DSV labs will be invited to provide their feeds (if any) to be embedded in the blog. In progress…
  • Upcoming event
    • pre summer (e.g. bbq)
      • Check with DISK for their bbq facilities for either 2nd, 3rd or 4th of June at 15:00
    • early fall (orientation day*) Make Fatima and Birgitta aware of the fact that we are going to help
  • weekly fikas (Mondays at 15:00 on the 6th floor); promote more people & send email notifications every Monday morning as reminders.
  • Updates from DISK, KTH, SU; Constantinos will get in touch with ICT’s KTH representative to have more info and updates.
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